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A trucking company, located in Surrey British Columbia. We are a small company but nevertheless a growing one, which helps us adapt to every customer needs uniquely and in their best interest. We are continuing to expand and this is because of our high level in customer service. Fastlane Transport believes in providing our customers with fast and effective service. We know our entire customer base by their first names, and they are very pleased by hearing the same reassuring voices on our end.

Our team specializes in LTL, Van freight, Flat deck, Wide loads and Container Movements. We also provide container stuffing, de- stuffing and Cross Docking, with a huge warehouse for all your storage needs, long term or short term.

Transportation network

With one of the most efficient and extensive networks in the country, the Fastlane Transport network is a foundation of integrated carriers with enough capacity to meet any specific need from coast to coast.

Our strategies

  • Vast network of trucks and drivers across the country

  • Expanding services - farther reach of services

  • Well maintained trucks - for reliability and timing

  • Well trained drivers - for safety and reliability

  • Detailed maintenance schedule - for higher 

  • predictability and lower down-time

  • Constant communication with drivers

  • Pin-point satellite location of trucks


Our dedicated shuttle service is built on precision and timing. We take these issues seriously, and organize the routes, schedules and frequencies with delicate precision. Our drivers on dedicate shuttles understand the responsibility of their duties and perform passionately.

Our values


Safety and consistency are the main principles that we run our company on. Without those principles it would have been hard to be where we are today. All drivers go through an extensive hiring process. We have a clean record with Worker’s Compensation Board of British Columbia.


Our primary mission is to focus on the needs and profitability of our customers. We understand their transport and logistic needs precisely and marshal our efforts deliver them, consistently.


We use every means possible, from state of the art communication technology, to precise handling and care of cargo. Our efficiency is designed to translate to our customers' profitability.


Once the cargo has been scheduled for pick-up, we deem ourselves accountable for the timelines and safety, as well as the care of the cargo. Because of this accountability, we make certain that we know exactly where each pallet and trailer is located during any minute of the day.

Our record

We have a spotless record of on-time delivery. Our record is also one of the highest in terms of trailer, truck and driver safety. The key success factor in achieving this is our detailed attention to truck maintenance and driver training. We dedicate our resources to keeping the cargo safe in transit.

  • Low incidence of en-route breakdown

  • High frequency of on-time delivery

  • Low incidence of traffic accidents

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