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At Fastlane Transport, we think - and also our years of experience explain to us-that wise and valuable logistics answers frequently tend to be developed on intermodal facilities. Fastlane Transport provides our customers the engineering, techniques and information which offer them with schedule for advised decision-making. No matter if these are transporting in one or across several settings, our customers take advantage of our capability to prolong their achievement, deliver them costs control, and supply them with the versatility they might have to acquire their products to their clients in a timely manner and damage-free. Intermodal is furthermore an eco-friendly option, reducing carbon footprints by to the same extent as half percent.

Fastlane Transport provides consumers door to door, multi-modal transport of ISO container and related facilities all through North America. The collection of products consists of internal container on flat car facilities by means of our reservoir storage units, handling TCOFC making use of our clients’ storage units, internal compartment on flat car facilities via. Waterless water storage units and internal storage units, internal off-shore facilities through our reservoir storage units, and reservoir containers and lease facilities.

Fastlane transport spots a prime on excellence and security over the way, by rail, by sea or even air, making certain the regularly outstanding support that produces our customer’s premium to the clientele.


Mailing Address

15015 69 Ave, Surrey, BC

Warehouse Address

#101-104 8952 Holt road Surrey, BC


Tel: 604-507-0012

Fax: 604-507-0079


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